Our History

The idea of reDance started two years ago and came to fruition in late 2021. We are a 100% Canadian owned company operating out of Ontario.


reDance is a dance marketplace that offers but is not limited to dancers, skaters, gymnasts, parents, studios, and seamstresses to sell and/or buy costumes, shoes and dancewear/activewear for all kinds of dancing (jazz, highland, irish and ballroom to just name a few), skating and gymnastics. We also sell DMC rhinestones for all your costume needs.


Our hope is to have reDance stretch across the country to provide variety and ease to buying and selling within the Dance, Skating and Gymnastic Community.

Meet Jesse

Hello and thank you for taking the time to visit reDance, I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself to you. My name is Jesse and I am the owner of reDance. I am a mother of three with two of my daughters in competitive dance which is truly an amazing experience.


After looking for solo and duet costumes for my girls in consignment shops, stores and platforms, I found it timely and daunting (for everyone out there I can relate to busy schedules, work, getting the kids to their extra curriculars) and really just wished there was a place that I could go to and see a variety of costumes in the comfort of my home (usually after the kids were in bed and lunches were made) with the ease of purchasing and shipping direct to me.

As a dance parent I can relate to having a bunch of costumes in my basement that will never been worn again. As fun as it is to take a trip down memory lane…I would love to see another dancer or skater create their own memories while giving these costumes a chance to reDance. Who doesn’t love those sparkly stones! I have spent my fair share of time gluing rhinestones on costumes and at the last minute trying to get a colour I needed. reDance also sells DMC rhinestone to make those costumes shine on stage adding to the already bright and talented dancer, skater or gymnast. And that is where my dream started and with you becoming a vendor and/or buyer will help reDance achieve the heights I know it can reach.


Thank you for visiting and I hope that reDance is the place that you can go to that makes our busy lives just that little bit easier.

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